About kyoto katsugu


A classical, and straight tools

“Katsu-gu”. This is a new term that we gave rise to.
It is not only an abbreviation of “Sei-KATSU-do-GU” (Life tools).
The character “活(Katsu)” has various meanings.
It means to enliven tools. It means to enliven food materials.
Then the dishes will be enlivened. So, people will be enlivened.
Tools with enlivenment in our daily lives.
We gave a name, with these thoughts and wishes.

Our passion and hope for enlivening tools

A historic, ancient city “Kyoto”.
Since ancient times, in Kyoto, materials of clothing, food and housing has gathered from all over the country and been a center of Japanese culture.
For about 300 years, we have engaged in tools there since our foundation.
Every single hope for such tool in history.
To be durable, easy to use, beautiful-looking, and affordable price etc.
Many tool products are produced in concert with such hope.
But there may be too many products for us to choose one to buy.
This is a “hardship of choosing”, rather than an “enjoyment of choosing”, though the purpose of use a tool is simply one.
What we are producing are classical, royal and straight tools.
They are not novelties.
They are not world’s best, either.
But we hope that they will be used by as many people.
Yes, now we will produce them.
We have been watching tools over a long period of history.
So, now we shall produce them.