We take over our history

We are a specialized wholesaler with an about 300-year history. We have put effort in our business fitting with the times by keeping good customs and styles, as the era goes by form Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa and to Heisei. Fortunately, we could maintain the company, thanks to our customers, suppliers, successive employees, and everyone involved.
As a result, we can provide customers with our products, favored by famous and dominant brand manufacturers and steady trading with them in the field of household products, equipment and devices, in addition to household metallic hardware.
Most recently, we are gearing up for product development in the new field or even of our own, as we adapt to the changing social environment.
We will keep our mission as a wholesaler in this industry. We will put our primary on good faith and set out to be a company which are welcomed by you all and the society. We will keep it up with our employees as one. Here once again, we express our best gratitude and resolve.
Okumura co., ltd.
President, Akira OKUMURA